PNGAA Library


Crocs and other creatures

Crocodiles, Chips Mackellar
The crocodiles of Lake Murray, Adrian Geyle

Cultural insights

Address to PNGAA Symposium Dinner, Julie Bishop
Address to PNGAA Symposium Dinner, Andrea Williams
A bad day at Slate Creek, Ralph Sawyer
Beyond the call of duty, Paul Dennett
Brief history of the National Gallery's artefact collection, Roger Dargie
Calling sharks, Chips Mackellar
Christmas Eve 1932 at Tegemala, AE Brawn
Clubs & welcomes, Adrian Geyle
Dick Armstrong's second hand shop, JR Bird
Digitising family history, Paul Munro
Enchanting Rabaul: An adventure and a riddle, Robyn Watters
Giving the bad news, Graham Egan
Heavens above, Paul Dennett
How to cook scrambled eggs, Maxwell Hayes
A Kinavai, Gideon Kakabin
The Kula Ring, Chips Mackellar
Looking backward—looking forward, Carol Kidu
Mannerly men of the Upper Sepik, Adrian Geyle
The NW Pacific Islands Overprint, Neville Threfall
A New Guinea Christmas, Paul Oates
Papua: The world's first police on postage stamps, Maxwell Hayes
PNG at 40—Political stability, Sean Dorney
PNG's integration into ASEAN, John Quinn
PNG 39th anniversary Independence Day, Keiran Nelson
PNG General Election, 1997, Jim Toner
Revisiting PNG, Graham Jones
Settling the debt, Graham Egan
Speech to PNGAA Christmas Lunch 2015, Sir Henry Chow
Tales out of school, David J Craig


The PNG crest and flag, Geoff Littler
PNG Flag, Ramon R Thurecht


Kiap Honour Roll, Paul Oates
A career kiap's wife, Nancy Johnston
A career with a challenge, Tracey Clarke
A reconnaissance of the Jimi Valley pine stands, Alan Ross
A reunion 50 years in the making
Aircraft accidents involving kiaps, Paul Oates
A nutty story, Rod Noble
Attacks on patrols, Paul Oates
Bob Cole and the fifty police badges, Chips Mackellar
Boiled puddings, Paul Oates
Border confrontation, Jim Quinn
Career with a future, Chris Warrillow
Communications, Paul Oates
Communications—Radio Codes, Chris Warrillow
Handcuffs: PNG version, Maxwell R Hayes
Jimi River, Robert Blakie
Kiaps killed on duty, Jim Sinclair
Kiaps of Papua New Guinea, Nancy Johnston
The DIY cadet, Graham Hardy
The Kiaps' Compendium, Nancy Johnston
The kiaps in a time of change, Donald Denoon
Kiap reunion 2013, The, Chips Mackellar
The late Ken Brown, kiap, Jim Toner
My first patrol, Rod Noble
My kiap medal conundrum, Graham Taylor
New Guinea Cadet Patrol Officers 1925-1941, Philip Selth
Official Australian recognition of Kiaps' services, Chris Viner-Smith
On being a kiap, Jim Sinclair
Our District Medical Officer and his lovely wife, Ken Brown
Patrolling the Maramuni, Graham Hardy
PNG posting, Rod Noble
Remembering kiaps, Paul Oates
Sharing histories: Kiap tribute event
Sixty years on, Bill Brown
Sorting mail at Olsobip, Philip Fitzpatrick
To the Admiralty Islands, Ted Rhoades
Tiger and the village pigs, Paul Oates
We brought them shell, Jim Sinclair
We’ve come for the money, Adrian Geyle

Landfall experiences

Arrival in Popondetta, 1947, Marjorie Kleckham
Kay Cole’s introduction to New Guinea, Bob Cole

Law and order

Snapshots, Paul Quinlivan
A family matter, Chips Mackellar
Forgotten murders—Still a mystery, Jim Toner
International incident, Jim Toner
Justice v. The Law, Pat Dwyer
Karo Araua, Maxwell Hayes
Murder trial of Aro of Rupamanda, Graham Hardy
Religious hysteria in the Southern Highlands, Fif Favetta
Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary reunion, 2015, Earl and Wendy Sanders
Teaching the kids at Tinung, Adrian Geyle
The murder of Errol John (Jack) Emanuel, GC, Derek Bell
Vudal and the Mataungans, 1970, Gordon Dick


ABC-9RB Rabaul: Early days by Graham Taylor
Fun days in PNG broadcasting
, Richard Jones
Radio comes to Kompiam, Ron Ehrke
The "Territorian" newspaper, Ray Kelly
Those early days had their moments
, Jim Eames
Walk into Paradise, Rod Noble

Medicine, Health and Science

2015-16 drought in PNG
Cannabis in Papua New Guinea, David McDonald
Coffee-growers and coffee-dreamers, John Fowke
CSIRO in PNG, John McAlpine, Gael Keig and David Freyne
CSIRO in TPNG, John McAlpine
Development of the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service in PNG, Nick Booth
Homo floresiensis and New Ireland? Debbie Argue
Infanticide at Pomio, Edna and George Oakes
MTT to MD in 30 years—A human metamorphosis, Roy Scragg
The day of the Kundus, Pat Poircuitte
Old men forget
, Peter Booth
PNG—A dangerous place for women? Don Hook
Puripuri at Olsobip, Philip Fitzpatrick
Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service: Press clippings 1962-71
Tigaso oil, David Marsh
Tropical mattes medical, Paul Oates

On patrol

Bamu Patrol, Adrian Geyle
Beginnings and endings, Mark Lynch
By donkey through the Adelberts, Chips Mackellar
Exploring the Jimi Valley, Paul Ryan
Final patrol, L Meintjes
Iuri patrol: night work, Adrian Geyle
Kudgeru and beyond, 1972, Paul Oates
Numbaira attack, Bob Cleland
Patrol walking times, Paul Oates

Outstation life

A Papuan Christmas, East Cape circa 1947, Valerie Allan
Christmas at Malalia, 1934, Jean Brawn
Derris, Paul Oates
Isolation in postwar Papua, Nancy Johnston
Papua New Guinea–My 'last frontier', Barry Craig
Parades and station management, Paul Oates
The beachcombers, Chips Mackellar
Trials & tribulations, Nancy Johnston
Sialum pig calling, Paul Oates
Some encounters with wildlife, Paul Dennett
Variety in a slice of life, Lynore van der Borch

Town life

A taxing time, Bob Piper
First bank in Kavieng, Jim Ridges
My expatriate life, Part 1, Diane Bayne
My expatriate life, Part 2, Diane Bayne
My expatriate life, Part 3, Diane Bayne
The die was cast! Peter Goerman
The Hagen country club, Chips Mackellar
The night Cinemascope came to Kerema, Graham Egan


A didiman's diary, part 1, David Montgomery
A didiman's diary, part 2, David Montgomery
A didiman's diary, part 3, David Montgomery
A thumbnail sketch of my past, Fred Holland
A tribute to Pat Murray, Anne Peters
A tribute to Peter Figgis, MC, Patrick Lindsay
Barry Blyth Holloway: Champion of PNG Independence
Biographical notes on pre-war PNG identities, Philip Selth
Brian John Holloway, CBE, QPM
Captain RR Cole, MC, Bob Harvey-Hall
Christopher Viner-Smith, OAM, Chips Mackellar
Chu Leong, Rod Noble
C.O. (Bill) Harry, Frazer Harry
David Montgomery, AM, Toby Rose and Jack White
Des Martin receives PNG medal, Wally Johnson
End of a Pacific era, Ken McGregor
Father Gulielmus Weber, SM, Philip Selth
Gwen Dyer, Barry Dangerfield
Harry West: Gentle Man and Gentleman, Fred Kaad
Harry West, OAM, 23 July 1922—12 July 2015, Andrea Williams
Harry West's eulogies, Andrea Williams, Bill Brown, Ross Johnson
Jeanette Leahy
, John Pasquarelli
Luluai, Adrian Geyle
Manki mastas of Madang, Chips Mackellar
Marema a Tena Vinauma—A tribute to Roma Threfall, Neville Threefall
Maria Von Trapp in PNG, Mary Mennis
Margaret Olley, John Pasquarelli
Maprik's royal visit, Paul Dennett
Masta Lapun, Jeanette Fox
Matt Foley obituary
Meeting the Mokolkols, Jim Toner
Mi meri Tolai: Born and raised in Rabaul, Muriel MacGowan Larner
My life after 1941, George Oakes
One man's kingdom–'King' Carson of Nuguria, Brian Darcey
Outside—The life of CTJ "Bill" Adamson by Michael Bird
PNGAA 2009 Adelaide reunion, Graham Taylor and Jan Kleinig
PNG's second GG dies: Sir Tore Lokloko
A portrait of Maria von Trapp, Alan Ross
Richard "Dickie" Squires by Philip Selth
Richard Kyle Gault, Ros Gault
Senior Inspector David Crawley, Doreen MacGowan (neé Crawley)
Sir Daniel Leahy, Gordon Dick
Some biographical notes on pre-war New Guinea administrative staff, Philip Selth
The Evenett family and Samarai, Jeff Evennett
The King and I, David Lornie
The Kukukuku, Chips Mackellar
Tribute to Florence May Cohen, Julie Cohen
Tribute to Lorna Johnston, John Schindler
Tribute to Lorna (Whyte) Johnston, Andre Heuber
Tribute to Merle Wall, MBE
A visit with King Cam of Kitava, David P Eyre


Across New Ireland by foot, Peter Comerford
Alotau, John Quinn
Badihagwa Cemetery, Port Moresby by Chris Warrillow
Barrick Gold 8000 feet above sea level, Gary Faulks
Blackcat trek, Andy Pirie
Cruise to Rabaul, Bob Cleland
, Warren Martin
Family trek, Andy Pirie
Fifties in Rabaul, Jan Barnes
Fiftieth anniversary of the Morobe Show, Barbara Jephcott
Goroka revisited, Bob Cleland
Hamamas Hotel has its own currency, Maxwell Hayes
Hela Province in grip of tribal warfare, Nicholas Yambu
Independence day in Wewak, Charles Betteridge
Jimi River memories, Peter Skinner
Kiunga rubber 40 years later, George Greenwood
Life after PNG—Margaret Clancy, Marie Clifton-Bassett
Lombrum, Jerry Lattin
Memories of the 50s in the Morobe District, Leo Butler
Morning in Goroka, John Pearne
Mount Lamington, Des Martin
Nondugl—Birds of Paradise and interesting visitors, Gordon Dick
Nondugl Hallstrom livestock station, John Browne
Nondugl in the 1970s, Ken Woodward
The Okapa pine plantation, Alan Ross
A pilgrimage to Rabaul, Ken Hayes
Rabaul Cenotaph, Gerry McGrade
Rabaul—Humming with life post-eruption, Peter Routley
Rabaul's beginnings, Neville Threlfall
Return to New Ireland, Leen van Lien
Sanguma Nescafé, David Fopp
Sentimental journey to Rabaul, Janet Johnston
Tabibuga–My experience, Roy Kirkby
Taim tudak (Time of darkness), Peter Barter
The eruption of Mount Lamington, 21 January 1951, Marjorie Kleckham
Tunnel adventures in Rabaul, Rod Pearce
Under that tamarind tree, Author unknown
Volcanoes, Charles Betteridge
Waste not, Denis Compston
Watabung Primary School, Trevor Freestone


Cry from the heart of an SOQ, Jim Toner
New Guinea, Bernard Oberleuter
The least is the greatest, Geoffrey Baskett

Project stories

Buk bilong pikinini, Anne-Sophie Hermann
Carry on up Mount Wilhelm, Jim Toner
From shoe box to shipping container, Richard Lornie
Kainantu High School and its coffee plantations, Riley Warren
The Mekeo rice project, 1950-54, Allan Boag
Reading for a better education, Margaret Sylvester

Roads and bridges

Opening the Kassam Pass, Bob Cleland
First Landrover To Mendi, Chips McKellar
The last road I built (Wanpela mo bladi rot na pinis olgera), Garry McKellar-James

Sport and leisure

A Mexican writes Rugby League in Port Moresby, Richard Jones
The history of judo in PNG, Charles Betteridge
History of rugby union in PNG
, Denis Bradney
Judo, Charles Betteridge
Kevin Murphy, PNGRFL stalwart, Ephata Samuel
Moresby school sports newspaper reports, Richard Jones
The Library Institute Hall and Arts Theatre, Ray Kelly
The times they begain a'changing, Clarrie Burke
The Wau factor: Adventure tourism in PNG, Elizabeth Thurston
Village cricket, Hood Peninsula, 1965, Robert Grieve

Time before

Island trader, Gordon Harris
Memories from pre-war New Ireland, George Oakes
Memories of school days through the eyes of a Lapun B4, Patricia Poircuitte (neé Spence)
My life in Papua New Guinea, Sandy Sinclair
An ounce of gold and a model aeroplane, Michael Waterhouse
Some old New Guinea photos, Part 1, Graham Syphers
Some old New Guinea photos, Part 2, Graham Syphers
Some old New Guinea photos, Part 3, Graham Syphers
SY Komet, Robin Hide, Ken Humphreys & Neville Threlfall
The annexation of New Guinea, Queensland Government Gazette 1876
Traditional shell money, Maxwell Hayes


About pumps and fuel, Jim Eames
Aircraft accidents involving kiaps, Paul Oates
All in the day's work, Roger Wilson
An incident at Poroma, Gerald Yates
Another near miss, Phil Latz
As you rip, so shall you sew, Bob Cleland
Balus ikam - Talair PNG in the 1980s, Robin Mead
Beating the odds at Aseki, Ben Dannecker
Building Nuku airstrip, George Oakes
Days of adventure with Denis Buchanan, Leo Butler
Diwai bilong Missus Kwin, Keith Wall
Early days flying in New Guinea, William John Robins
Fifty years ago in PNG, Brian Darcey
Fifty years of Toyota in PNG, Charles Betteridge
The first plane into Tari, Quentin Anthony
Fly River, Peter Hay
From Cairns to Salamaua, Derek Crisp
Horses on patrol, Chips Mackellar
Insurance, PNG style, Phil Latz
In the driver's seat, Paul Dennett
It's a hard life in the mountains, Dave Lornie
Kiaps on bikes, Chips Mackellar
Last flight, Bob Cleland
Loss of VH-VQQ, The, Derek Crisp
Madang Airport 1973, Bruce O'Reilly
Marooned in the Mortlock Islands, Mike Bourke
MIVA in North Bougainville, 1934, Chris Dierke
MV Thetis, Rod Noble
Narara family makes PNG aviation history, Malum Nalu
Norseman, Rod Noble
Our Pacific skies—A retired aviator's diary, Mike Feeney
Return to Nuku 2015, George Oakes
Sailing canoe, Peter Worsley
A Saturday afternoon bowling at Bulolo, Paul Oates
Some flying memories, George Oakes
So what has the Scottish Loch Katrine got to do with PNG? Maxwell Hayes
Telefomin plaque and glider, Bruce O'Reilly
The day the horizon disappeared, Graham Egan
The Jimi River Road, Jim Moore
Transport troubles in Bougainville, Mike Bourke
Walking off Mount Otto, Phil Latz
Wewak, Vanimo and the Auster crash of 1953, Peter Skinner


Cruising in Papua New Guinea waters, Don Hook
Epic voyage 2013, Jacky Lawes
Going back for a look
, Graham Egan
Journey home, The, Rod Noble
Tubo Eco-Tourism Lodge, Doug Robbins


70th Anniversary, Cape Wom, Charles Betteridge
A daring escape, Gladys Baker
A happy wartime memory of Kabakaul, Frazer Harry
An Australian concert party in the islands, Ed Zanders
An inadequate force, Neville Threlfall
Anzac Day 2012 in Rabaul, Bob Cleland
Anzac Day, San Remo Club, 2012, Cecilie Benjamin
Ballarat memorials, Max Hayes, Erice Pizer & John McNabb
The bone man of Aitape, Harry Roach
Bruce Reid's story, Ken Hayes
Dedication of the Australian Nurses War Memorial, Pat Johnson
Edward (Ted) Kenna, VC, Charles Betteridge
Evacuate! Be ready in four hours, Dick & Robyn Dunbar-Reid
Evacuation from Edie Creek, Hilda Johnson
Final Japanese surrender in PNG, Don Hook
First civilians arrive back in Rabaul, Gladys Baker
Gallipoli veterans lost on Montevideo Maru, Don Hook
Glimmer of hope, Bob Piper
Graves of Gallipoli survivors at Kavieng, Jim Ridges
Kokoda 70 years on, Charlie Lynn
Lark Force trek: Tol memorial, Frazer Harry
Leslie Hore's WWI pictures, Patrick Bourke
Let's recall what Bert really wrote in "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels (and other verses)"
, Stuart Inder
Merry Christmas be blowed, Pat Murray
Montevideo Maru—New evidence on Australia's greatest maritime loss, Rod Miller
More wartime recollections, Bob Emery
Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF) Nurses, Patrick Bourke
Private Stokie's war in the jungle, Don Hook
Read, Mason, Tashiro and the Bougainville mystery, Ken Wright
Recollections of ANGAU
, Tom Grahamslaw
Reg Kenna, VC, Reg Yates
Rudy Buckley and the Montevideo Maru, Maxwell R Hayes
The aftermath of war, Charles Betteridge
The Australian invasion of New Ireland, 1914, Jim Ridges
The brigade that never really was, Norm Furness
The evacuation of Samarai, Boxing Day 1941, Rosalie Thacker (neé Skelly)
The New Guinea Volunteer Rifles and the Papua New Guinea Volunteer Rifles
The story behind the picture, John Phillips
The war on Kitava, Caroline L Cameron
Timperley's Rescue Voyage
Tropical force and the Kavieng graves, Greg Knight
Unveiling the Coastwatchers Memorial Lighthouse, Roma Bates
Wartime relic—USAF P47 Thunderbolt, Peter Worsley
When the Japanese bombed Madang, Bob Emery
William Manning Edwards, CMG, MBE, MID, Phil Ainsworth
World War II in the Pacific—The closing stages, Charles Betteridge