PNGAA Library


Phil Ainsworth: William Manning Edwards, CMG, MBE, MID
Valerie Allan: A Papuan Christmas, East Cape circa 1947
Quentin Anthony: The first plane into Tari
Debbie Argue: Homo floresiensis and New Ireland?

Gladys Baker: A daring escape
Gladys Baker: First civilians arrive back in Rabaul
Peter Barter: Taim tudak (Time of darkness)
Geoffrey Baskett: The least is the greatest
Roma Bates: Unveiling the Coastwatchers Memorial Lighthouse
Jan Barnes: Fifties in Rabaul
Diane Bayne: My expatriate life, Part 1
Diane Bayne: My expatriate life, Part 2
Diane Bayne: My expatriate life, Part 3
Derek Bell: The murder of Errol John (Jack) Emanuel, GC
Cecilie Benjamin: Anzac Day, San Remo Club, 2012
Charles Betteridge: The aftermath of war
Charles Betteridge: Edward (Ted)Kenna, VC
Charles Betteridge: Fifty years of Toyota in PNG
Charles Betteridge: Independence day in Wewak
Charles Betteridge: Judo
Charles Betteridge: The history of judo in PNG
Charles Betteridge: 70th Anniversary, Cape Wom
Charles Betteridge: Volcanoes
Charles Betteridge: World War II in the Pacific—The closing stages
JR Bird: Dick Armstrong's second hand shop
Michael Bird: Outside—The life of CTJ "Bill" Adamson
Julie Bishop: Address to PNGAA Symposium Dinner
Robert Blakie: Jimi River
Allan Boag: The Mekeo rice project, 1950-54
Nick Booth: Development of the Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service in PNG
Peter Booth: Old men forget
Mike Bourke: Marooned in the Mortlock Islands
Mike Bourke: Transport troubles in Bougainville
Partick Bourke: Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF) Nurses
Patrick Bourke: Leslie Hore's WWI pictures
Denis Bradney: History of rugby union in PNG
AE Brawn: Christmas Eve 1932 at Tegemala
Jean Brawn: Christmas at Malalia, 1934
Andrea Williams, Bill Brown, Ross Johnson: Harry West's eulogies
Bill Brown: Sixty years on
Ken Brown: Our District Medical Officer and his lovely wife
John Browne: Nondugl Hallstrom livestock station
Clarrie Burke: The times they begain a'changing
Leo Butler: Days of adventure with Denis Buchanan
Leo Butler: Memories of the 50s in the Morobe District

Caroline L Cameron: The war on Kitava
Sir Henry Chow: Speech to PNGAA Christmas Lunch 2015
Tracey Clarke: A career with a challenge
Bob Cleland: Anzac Day 2012 in Rabaul
Bob Cleland: As you rip, so shall you sew
Bob Cleland: Cruise to Rabaul
Bob Cleland: Goroka revisited
Bob Cleland: Last flight
Bob Cleland: Numbaira attack
Bob Cleland: Opening the Kassam Pass
Marie Clifton-Bassett: Life after PNG—Margaret Clancy
Julie Cohen: Tribute to Florence May Cohen
Bob Cole: Kay Cole's introduction to New Guinea
Peter Comerford: Across New Ireland by foot
Denis Compston: Waste not
Barry Craig: Papua New Guinea–My 'last frontier'
David J Craig: Tales out of school
Derek Crisp: From Cairns to Salamaua
Derek Crisp: Loss of VH-VQQ, The

Barry Dangerfield: Gwen Dyer
Ben Dannecker: Beating the odds at Aseki
Brian Darcey: Fifty years ago in PNG
Brian Darcey: One man's kingdom–'King' Carson of Nuguria
Roger Dargie: Brief history of the National Gallery's artefact collection
Paul Dennett: Beyond the call of duty
Paul Dennett: Heavens above
Paul Dennett: In the driver's seat
Paul Dennett: Maprik's royal visit
Paul Dennett: Some encounters with wildlife
Donald Denoon: The kiaps in a time of change
Gordon Dick: Sir Daniel Leahy
Gordon Dick: Nondugl—Birds of Paradise and interesting visitors
Gordon Dick: Vudal and the Mataungans, 1970
Chris Diercke: MIVA in North Bougainville, 1934
Sean Dorney: PNG at 40—Political stability
Dick & Robyn Dunbar-Reid: Evacuate! Be ready in four hours
Pat Dwyer: Justice v. The Law

Jim Eames: About pumps and fuel
Jim Eames: Those early days had their moments
Graham Egan: Giving the bad news
Graham Egan: Going back for a look
Graham Egan: Settling the debt
Graham Egan: The day the horizon disappeared
Graham Egan: The night Cinemascope came to Kerema
Ron Ehrke: Radio comes to Kompiam
Bob Emery: More wartime recollections
Bob Emery: When the Japanese bombed Madang
Jeff Evennett: The Evenett family and Samarai,
David P Eyre: A visit with King Cam of Kitava

Gary Faulks: Barrick Gold 8000 feet above sea level
Fif Favetta: Religious hysteria in the Southern Highlands
Mike Feeney: Our Pacific skies—A retired aviator's diary
Philip Fitzpatrick: Puripuri at Olsobip
Philip Fitzpatrick: Sorting mail at Olsobip
David Fopp: Sanguma Nescafé
John Fowke: Coffee-growers and coffee-dreamers
Jeanette Fox: Masta Lapun
Trevor Freestone: Watabung Primary School
John McAlpine, Gael Keig and David Freyne: CSIRO in PNG
Norm Furness: The brigade that never really was

Ros Gault: Richard Kyle Gault
Adrian Geyle: Bamu Patrol
Adrian Geyle: Clubs & welcomes
Adrian Geyle: Iuri patrol: night work
Adrian Geyle: Luluai
Adrian Geyle: Mannerly men of the Upper Sepik
Adrian Geyle: Teaching the kids at Tinung
Adrian Geyle: The crocodiles of Lake Murray
Adrian Geyle: We've come for the money
Peter Goerman: The die was cast!
Tom Grahamslaw: Recollections of ANGAU
George Greenwood: Kiunga rubber 40 years later
Robert Grieve: Village cricket, Hood Peninsula, 1965

Graham Hardy: Murder trial of Aro of Rupamanda
Graham Hardy: Patrolling the Maramuni
Graham Hardy: The DIY cadet
Gordon Harris: Island trader
Frazer Harry: A happy wartime memory of Kabakaul
Frazer Harry: C.O. (Bill) Harry
Frazer Harry: Lark Force trek: Tol memorial
Bob Harvey-Hall: Captain RR Cole, MC
Peter Hay: Fly River
Ken Hayes: A pilgrimage to Rabaul
Ken Hayes: Bruce Reid's story
Max Hayes, Erice Pizer & John McNabb: Ballarat memorials
Maxwell Hayes: Hamamas Hotel has its own currency
Maxwell Hayes: Handcuffs: PNG version
Maxwell Hayes: How to cook scrambled eggs
Maxwell Hayes: Karo Araua
Maxwell Hayes: Papua: The world's first police on postage stamps
Maxwell Hayes: Rudy Buckley and the Montevideo Maru
Maxwell Hayes: So what has the Scottish Loch Katrine got to do with PNG?
Maxwell Hayes: Traditional shell money
Anne-Sophie Hermann, Buk bilong pikinini,
Robin Hide, Ken Humphreys & Neville Threlfall: SY Komet
Fred Holland: A thumbnail sketch of my past
Don Hook: Cruising in Papua New Guinea waters
Don Hook: Final Japanese surrender in PNG
Don Hook: Gallipoli veterans lost on Montevideo Maru
Don Hook: PNG—A dangerous place for women?
Don Hook: Private Stokie's war in the jungle
Andre Heuber: Tribute to Lorna (Whyte) Johnston

Stuart Inder: Let's recall what Bert really wrote in "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels (and other verses)"

Barbara Jephcott: Fiftieth anniversary of the Morobe Show
Hilda Johnson: Evacuation from Edie Creek
Hilda Johnson: Settling in at Edie Creek
Pat Johnson: Dedication of the Australian Nurses War Memorial
Andrea Williams, Bill Brown, Ross Johnson: Harry West's eulogies
Wally Johnson: Des Martin receives PNG medal
Janet Johnston: Sentimental journey to Rabaul
Nancy Johnston: A career kiap's wife
Nancy Johnston: Isolation in postwar Papua
Nancy Johnston: Kiaps of Papua New Guinea
Nancy Johnston: The Kiaps' Compendium
Nancy Johnston: Trials and tribulations
Graham Jones: Revisiting PNG
Richard Jones: A Mexican writes Rugby League in Port Moresby
Richard Jones: Moresby school sports newspaper reports
Richard Jones: Fun days in PNG broadcasting

Fred Kaad: Harry West: Gentle Man and Gentleman
Gideon Kakabin: A Kinavai
Ray Kelly: The Library Institute Hall and Arts Theatre
Ray Kelly: The "Territorian" newspaper
Carol Kidu: Looking backward—looking forward
Roy Kirkby: Tabibuga–My experience
Marjorie Kleckham: The eruption of Mount Lamington, 21 January 1951,
John McAlpine, Gael Keig and David Freyne: CSIRO in PNG
Marjorie Kleckham: Arrival in Popondetta, 1947
Graham Taylor and Jan Kleinig: PNGAA 2009 Adelaide reunion
Greg Knight: Tropical force and the Kavieng graves

Muriel MacGowan Larner: Mi meri Tolai: Born and raised in Rabaul
Jacky Lawes: Epic voyage 2013
Jerry Lattin: Lombrum
Phil Latz: Another near miss
Phil Latz: Insurance, PNG style
Phil Latz: Walking off Mount Otto
Patrick Lindsay: A tribute to Peter Figgis, MC
Geoff Littler: The PNG crest and flag
Dave Lornie: It's a hard life in the mountains
David Lornie: The King and I
Richard Lornie: From shoe box to shipping container
Mark Lynch: Beginnings and endings
Charlie Lynn: Kokoda 70 years on

Doreen MacGowan (neé Crawley): Senior Inspector David Crawley
Chips Mackellar: A family matter
Chips Mackellar: Bob Cole and the thirty police badges
Chips Mackellar: By donkey through the Adelberts
Chips Mackellar: Calling sharks
Chips Mackellar: Christopher Viner-Smith, OAM
Chips Mackellar: Crocodiles
Chips MacKellar: First Landrover To Mendi
Chips Mackellar: Horses on patrol
Chips Mackellar: Kiaps on bikes
Chipd Mackellar: Kiap reunion 2013, The
Chips Mackellar: The Kula Ring
Chips Mackellar: Manki mastas of Madang
Chips Mackellar: The beachcombers
Chips Mackellar: The Hagen country club
Chips Mackellar: The Kukukuku
Malun Nalu: Narara family makes PNG aviation history
David Marsh: Tigaso oil
Des Martin: Mount Lamington
Warren Martin: Emirau
John McAlpine, Gael Keig and David Freyne: CSIRO in PNG
John McAlpine: CSIRO in TPNG
David McDonald: Cannabis in Papua New Guinea
Gerry McGrade: Rabaul Cenotaph
Ken McGregor: End of a Pacific era
Garry McKellar-James: The last road I built (Wanpela mo bladi rot na pinis olgera)
Max Hayes, Erice Pizer & John McNabb: Ballarat memorials
Robin Mead: Balus ikam - Talair PNG in the 1980s
L Meintjes: Final patrol
Mary Mennis: Maria Von Trapp in PNG
Rod Miller: Montevideo Maru—New evidence on Australia's greatest maritime loss
Max Hayes, Erice Pizer & John McNabb: Ballarat memorials
David Montgomery: A didiman's diary, part 1
David Montgomery: A didiman's diary, part 2
David Montgomery: A didiman's diary, part 3
Jim Moore: The Jimi River Road
Paul Munro: Digitising family history
Pat Murray: Merry Christmas be blowed

Keiran Nelson: PNG 39th anniversary Independence Day
Rod Noble: Chu Leong
Rod Noble: Journey home, The
Rod Noble: My first patrol
Rod Noble: MV Thetis
Rod Noble: Norseman
Rod Noble: A nutty story
Rod Noble: PNG posting
Rob Noble: Walk into Paradise

Edna and George Oakes: Infanticide at Pomio
George Oakes: Building Nuku airstrip
George Oakes: Memories from pre-war New Ireland
George Oakes: My life after 1941
George Oakes: Return to Nuku 2015
George Oakes: Some flying memories
Paul Oates: Aircraft accidents involving kiaps
Paul Oates: A New Guinea Christmas
Paul Oates: Attacks on patrols
Paul Oates: Boiled puddings
Paul Oates: Communications
Paul Oates: Derris
Paul Oates: Kiap Honour Roll
Paul Oates: Kudgeru and beyond, 1972
Paul Oates: Parades and station management
Paul Oates: Patrol walking times
Paul Oates: Remembering kiaps
Paul Oates: A Saturday afternoon bowling at Bulolo
Paul Oates: Sialum pig calling
Paul Oates: Tiger and the village pigs
Paul Oates: Tropical mattes medical
Bernard Oberleuter: New Guinea
Bruce O'Reilly: Madang Airport 1973
Bruce O'Reilly: Telefomin plaque and glider

John Pasquarelli: Jeanette Leahy
John Pasquarelli: Margaret Olley
Rod Pearce: Tunnel adventures in Rabaul
John Pearne: Morning in Goroka
Anne Peters: A tribute to Pat Murray
Bob Piper, Glimmer of hope
Bob Piper: A taxing time
Andy Pirie: Blackcat trek
Andy Pirie: Family trek
John Phillips: The story behind the picture
Patricia Poircuitte (neé Spence): Memories of school days through the eyes of a Lapun B4
Patricia Poircuitte (neé Spence): The day of the Kundus

Queensland Government Gazette 1876: The annexation of New Guinea
Paul Quinlivan: Snapshots
Jim Quinn: Border confrontation
John Quinn: Alotau
John Quinn: PNG's integration into ASEAN

Ted Rhoades: To the Admiralty Islands
Jim Ridges: First bank in Kavieng
Jim Ridges: Graves of Gallipoli survivors at Kavieng
Jim Ridges: The Australian invasion of New Ireland, 1914
Harry Roach: The bone man of Aitape
Doug Robbins: Tubo Eco-Tourism Lodge
William John Robins: Early days flying in New Guinea
Toby Rose and Jack White: David Montgomery, AM
Alan Ross: A portrait of Maria von Trapp
Alan Ross: A reconnaissance of the Jimi Valley pine stands
Alan Ross: The Okapa pine plantation
Peter Routley: Rabaul—Humming with life post-eruption
Paul Ryan: Exploring the Jimi Valley

Ephata Samuel: Kevin Murphy, PNGRFL stalwart
Earl and Wensy Sanders: Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary reunion, 2015
Ralph Sawyer: A bad day at Slate Creek
Roy Scragg: MTT to MD in 30 years—A human metamorphosis
Philip Selth: Biographical notes on pre-war PNG identities
Philip Selth: Father Gulielmus Weber, SM
Philip Selth: Richard "Dickie" Squires
Philip Selth: New Guinea Cadet Patrol Officers 1925-1941
Philip Selth: Some biographical notes on pre-war New Guinea administrative staff
John Schindler: Tribute to Lorna Johnston
Jim Sinclair: Kiaps killed on duty
Jim Sinclair: On being a kiap
Jim Sinclair: We brought them shell
Sandy Sinclair: My life in Papua New Guinea
Peter Skinner: Jimi River memories
Peter Skinner: Wewak, Vanimo and the Auster crash of 1953
Margaret Sylvester: Reading for a better education
Graham Syphers: Some old New Guinea photos, Part 1
Graham Syphers: Some old New Guinea photos, Part 2
Graham Syphers: Some old New Guinea photos, Part 3

Graham Taylor: ABC-9RB Rabaul: Early days
Graham Taylor: My kiap medal conundrum
Graham Taylor and Jan Kleinig: PNGAA 2009 Adelaide reunion
Rosalie Thacker (neé Skelly): The evacuation of Samarai, Boxing Day 1941
Neville Threlfall: An inadequate force
Neville Threfall: Marema a Tena Vinauma—A tribute to Roma Threfall
Neville Threfall: The NW Pacific Islands Overprint
Neville Threlfall: Rabaul's beginnings
Robin Hide, Ken Humphreys & Neville Threlfall: SY Komet
Ramon R Thurecht: PNG Flag
Elizabeth Thurston: The Wau Factor: Adventure tourism in PNG
Jim Toner: Carry on up Mount Wilhelm
Jim Toner: Cry from the heart of an SOQ
Jim Toner: Forgotten murders—Still a mystery
Jim Toner: International incident
Jim Toner: The late Ken Brown, kiap
Jim Toner: Meeting the Mokolkols
Jim Toner: PNG General Election, 1997

Leen van Lien: Return to New Ireland
Chris Viner-Smith: Official Australian recognition of Kiaps' services
Lynore von der Borch: Variety in a slice of life

Keith Wall: Diwai bilong Missus Kwin
Riley Warren: Kainantu High School and its coffee plantations
Chris Warrillow: Badihagwa Cemetery, Port Moresby
Chris Warrillow: Career with a future
Chris Warrillow: Communications—Radio Codes
Michael Waterhouse: An ounce of gold and a model aeroplane
Robyn Watters: Enchanting Rabaul: An adventure and a riddle
Toby Rose and Jack White: David Montgomery, AM
Andrea Williams: Address to PNGAA Symposium Dinner
Andrea Williams: Harry West, OAM, 23 July 1922—12 July 2015
Andrea Williams, Bill Brown, Ross Johnson: Harry West's eulogies
Roger Wilson: All in the day's work
Ken Woodward: Nondugl in the 1970s
Peter Worsley: Sailing canoe
Peter Worsley: Wartime relic—USAF P47 Thunderbolt
Ken Wright: Read, Mason, Tashiro and the Bougainville mystery

Gerald Yates: An incident at Poroma
Reg Yates: Reg Kenna, VC
Nicholas Yambu: Hela Province in grip of tribal warfare

Ed Zanders: An Australian concert party in the islands

Reminiscences of Independence Day