Vale, December 1980

DIX, Bill
FOLEY, Kerry
JONES, Frank
McLAREN, Lorna

Percy COCHRANE (29 September 1980)

Most members would have heard the resonant tones of Percy in the educational broadcasts from the ABC Moresby. In addition he played a leading role in developing interest in and recording and promoting local music and musical instruments.

Lorna McLAREN (13 October 1980)

No details available.

Mrs A ANDERSON (1 November 1980)

No details available.

Bill DIX (5 November 1980)

Was a well known pre-and post-war Police Officer. Escaping from the Japanese when they invaded New Britain in 1942, Bill served in ANGAU and later became a superintendent of Police.


Frank JONES (10 November 1980)

Served in ANGAU and returned post-war to the field service, serving in many Districts including the Sepik, Bougainville, and Morobe. Became a Lands Commissioner in 1970.

Kerry FOLEY (20 July 1980)

Kerry was the eldest daughter of Mike and Pam Foley. She met with a tragic accident early on a Sunday morning at Mt Hagen whilst helping in an air search for a missing plane. She had lived most of her life in the Highlands and had her own business there as a commercial artist.