Tony de Beer was an entrepreneur/company director with business interests in a broad variety of enterprises. His last interest prior to returning to Australia in 1991 was owning, developing and managing the Madang Lodge Motel.

The following are various photographs around Madang, including the Madang earthquake (November 1970); the Schrader ranges (between the Ramu and Jimi rivers); and the Minj area of the Western Highlands.

debeer01_small.jpg debeer02_small.jpg debeer03_small.jpg debeer04_small.jpg
debeer05_small.jpg debeer06_small.jpg debeer07_small.jpg debeer08_small.jpg
debeer09_small.jpg debeer10_small.jpg debeer11_small.jpg debeer12_small.jpg
debeer13_small.jpg debeer14_small.jpg debeer15_small.jpg bebeer16_small.jpg

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