11. View from Verandah of My First Accommodation (a twin donga) at Aitape

Aitape Primary T School is in the foreground down the hill. At the end of our course only one Bougainville posting was listed on the College noticeboard, but two students had their eyes on it - Eric Edmondson and I, so we tossed for it. Eric won. (In Bougainville his long stay at his original posting earned him the title of 'King of Konga'). I put my name down for the Sepik along with Bill Collins, Pat Hanrahan, Ian Kneen, & David Ament. On arrival I found that the D.I. (then so called) had put me down for Telefomin and David for Aitape. With the D.I.'s approval we swapped, and at Aitape I met my future wife; we celebrate our 40th anniversary next year.

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