Pre-war New Guinea Pilot - Derek (Jos) Elwyn Crisp

Jos flew for WR Carpenter's & Co. Salamaua from the early 1930's and died February 1942 when flying evacuees out of Papua New Guinea as a result of the invasion of New Guinea by the Japanese during World War ll. At that time he had been commissioned as a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force. David Montgomery received Jos’ photo album, log books, press cuttings and a copy of the" New Guinea Diary" from his Mother who was Jos’ sister.


David originally compiled this series as a Powerpoint presentation and has kindly agreed to allow PNGAA to publish the series as separate slides on its web site. The captions to the photos are, in the main, those recorded by Jos Crisp. Some of the slides contain explanatory notations or minor editorial corrections - these are encased in square brackets or shown in italics.

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