Central Province -The silhouette of a Lakatoi canoe represents tradition. It is set over a blue background representing the sea. A large star (for Central Province) and five smaller stars (the 5 districts) are set over a red background representing the land.
East New Britain Province - A green stripe separates red and blue triangles. Four white stars over the blue represent the national flag. Traditional shell money surrounds a circle. Masks of Tolai (dukduk) and Baining dancers are in the centre.
East Sepik Province - In the upper right quarter, a yellow bird of paradise (representing the national flag) is set over a red background. In the lower left quarter, a haus tambaran (for the hill and plains people), crocodile (for the river people), shark (for the coast people), kundu and garamut drums, spear and lime pot (representing culture) are set over a green background.
Eastern Highlands Province - Red and green triangles form the background. Inside a large yellow star in the centre, a legendary one-legged man named Nokondi holds a coffee branch (the provincešs main cash crop). The star has 6 points (for the six districts). It is surrounded by 8 smaller stars (for the local government councils).
Enga Province - The background is divided into black (for the national flag) and green (for vegetation) triangles. At the centre is a yellow, black and white dendrobium engae orchid (the provincial flower).
Gulf Province - Inside a blue background, 2 crocodiles (rivers) surround a disc with a white seagull (representing the people) over red, and the Southern Cross (representing the 5 original districts) over black.
Madang Province
Red, yellow and black stripes (representing the national flag) form the background. Six white stars represent the 6 districts. In black and white, Madang's memorial to the Coastwatchers of the Second World War is surrounded by coconut palm branches (for agriculture) and a slit drum (for tradition)..
Manus Province
A yellow Manus Friarbird flies over brown (land) and blue (sea) triangles. The 5 Manus Green Snails represent the five regions.
Milne Bay Province - Stripes of green (for plants) and white (for beaches) are shown on the left. A square is divided into triangles of blue (for the sea) and red (for festivals). A yellow star on red represents the Eastern Star (a seafarer's guide).
Morobe Province - The background stripes are green (for vegetation), yellow (for Markham Valley) and blue (for the sea). A white bird of paradise (representing animal life), white pig's tusks (traditional exchange), a brown and yellow kundu drum (for festivals) and spears (for traditional warfare) are at the centre.
New Ireland Province - The Southern Cross (a guide to seafarers and indicator of the seasons) is shown over a blue background for the sea. A silhouette of a paradise drongo (a bird found only in New Ireland) is shown on an orange background.
North Solomons Province - The flag is dark blue signifying the Pacific Ocean; green in the circle signifies the rich island; the jaggered white shell is traditional money; the black signifies the dark skin color of its inhabitants and is unique in the Pacific, the hat in the centre (Upe)is worn by young men at the transition period from adolescence to manhood. The stripes on the hat (red-centre) stands for men and the stripes at the side for women.
Oro Province - A gold strip of tapa cloth with red and black markings (representing culture) and a yellow Queen Alexandra Birdwing butterfly (representing wildlife) cover a green background (for vegetation).
Simbu Province - The Bird of Paradise and Southern Cross from the national flag are combined with two red spears (representing leadership), a white chain (for unity) and a yellow coffee branch (for the main cash crop).
Sandaun Province - Black and red triangles form the background, with the gold bird of paradise symbol from the national flag set over the red. Six stars (representing the 6 districts) are set above a light blue setting sun with yellow rays (the provincial symbol).
Southern Highlands Province - A black stripe separates red (upper right) and green (lower left) triangles. Seven white stars (for the 7 districts) cover the red and green. A cassowary head (representing traditional exchange) and two spears (for defence) are set in yellow over the black.
Western Highlands Province - A white stripe (for peace) separates triangles of green (for vegetation) and black (from the National flag). Stars represent the 3 geographic regions. The Provincial emblem is set over the green triangle.
Western Province - The black and red of the national flag form borders around a gold square holding the provincial emblem. The emblem, in black outline, includes a head-dress with white wing feathers of the crane (for unity) and a bow and arrows (for tradition).
West New Britain Province - The national flag is set next to an area of blue (for the sea) with a white, brown and gold conch shell (representing communication).