Manus Dance Presentation

A feature of the Anniversary celebrations was a performance by Manus Island dancers arranged by the Sydney Wantok Club. Thanks go to Lomot Kiap, Cecilia Parkop, Nia Kametan, Tapas Kametan and Chimo Kametan for a marvelous performance which brought back many memories. They performed a series of nine dances set to different (recorded) rhythms of a Garamut. These, including both "Entrance" and "Exit" rhythms, symbolised many of the Manus Islanders traditional dances, for example, a dance based on the U.S. occupation of Los Negros ("March"); the cry of a "Ngam" (spirit) for her dead baby; displeasure at the perceived value of a bride price ("Mus" or "Rat "); catching of tuna ("Barieu"); leaf of a tree used to cover the breasts of women dancers ("Iawo Pirlu"); the traditional trading cycle between Manus Islanders and Ponam Islanders (N'Drehet); and a traditional dance where members of the audience are invited to join the dancers. The following are a selection of photographs of the "Dance Presentation".